• Architectural design services

    منزل مسکونی دوبلکس ویلائی

    ● Plan and facade design based on bionic architecture

    ● Interior and exterior decoration design

    ● Design of green spaces, gardens and villas

    ● Design of exhibition spaces

  • Construction services of building projects

    ● Calculation of various modern building structures

    ● Brickworks and elaborate works services

    ● Mass production and participation in construction

    ● Renovation and retrofit of buildings

  • Services of building installations

    ● Making residential and commercial buildings smart

    ● Design and implementation of bionic installations

    ● Design and implementation of mechanical installations

    ● Design and implementation of electrical installations

  • Specialized consulting services

    ● Consultation in the field of bionic architecture

    ● Consultation for construction cost estimates

    ● Consultation in the field of smart buildings

    ● Consultation on reconstruction of buildings


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