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Farin Andishe Mandegar is one of the architecture companies in Iran. F.A.M. construction and civil engineering Company, comprising experienced staff and a group of professionals, proudly provides a variety of construction, trading, and research services and activities by enlisting of the latest scientific studies around the globe and the application of a rich engineering team. The boundless mission of this company is to give the best service you could possibly get anywhere in subjects such as designing, calculations, execution of minor and major projects with utilization of up to date science and technology while creating distinct masterpieces, having in mind the clients` time and expense optimization. In order to achieve these goals a team of competent professionals with a rich background have been gathered here. Every individual of the personnel and executive staff of the company, now provides services under the name of Farin Andishe Mandegar, owns years of construction experiences along with accomplishments in prominent engineering companies.

Our architecture studio specializes in designing residential, official, business, industrial, exhibition areas and more by plotting ideas and concept simultaneously; light and color management; optimizing small spaces; evaluation of natural elements of the site; ecological analysis; harmonizing and coordinating the structure and plan with the nature (bionic architecture); and ultimately making the plans feasible and accomplishable for putting them into implementation.

Our team of engineers have considerable expertise in calculation and execution of all kind of metal and concrete structures as well as all other kinds of modern structures including advanced concrete structures, composite steel deck roofs, multi-span slab roofs, pre-stressed and post-tensioned concrete structures, space frame structures, cable structures, industrial structures, fabric structures, and the structures tantamount to architecture which are exclusive and symbolic.

Taking advantage of the bionic, electronic, and energy specialists paves the way for providing the specific services for clients such as special designs coordinated with nature, types of electronic systems like smart homes, remote control systems, safety and security systems, and also material refining systems etc.

Our commercial team benefits from excellent command of business knowledge and a rich background in international business dealings and presents the clients a variety of services such as commercial consulting and supplying high quality building materials either from our own storage inventory or, in case of shortage, from the best European and Asian leading trade sources. All the products bear international standard certifications and the requested goods will be delivered directly and with the most appropriate quality and price.

The research team of the company provides diverse instructive workshops and courses for employees and apprentices in order to enhance technical knowledge of construction engineering science and other similar areas. They have succeeded to carry into effect the accomplishments among all international outstanding places in professional associations; innovations and inventions records at United States Patent and Trademark Office are worth mentioning as well. This team openly embraces new ideas and considers them worth pondering over investing in them.

This company with the implementation of the creative and efficient plans in creating sustainable architecture and modern and big construction projects, as well as dealing with aesthetic concepts and with the new look at thread of residence; holds an eminent record of mass housing, settlements’ construction projects, renovation, modernization and repairing, construction of residential, official and business complexes, hotels, and industrial projects.

Through concluding a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Italian company LiNFA, aimed at exchanging state of the art know-how and modern technology in Architecture and Internal Decoration, we have taken a great step forward in providing design-related services and implementing residential/business projects by taking advantage of the capabilities of prominent engineers from Iran and Italy based on the latest architectural methods at the international level.

Architecture companies in Iran

The executive staffs have first-hand experiences in many areas of civil engineering and construction and have been fulfilling their duties on design, supervision and execution of some of which are listed below:

  • Cooperation with the army technical office of construction bureau to deliver an irrigation canal project in order to supply villages around Esfahan with water.

  • Participation in a project to create a twenty-thousand-cubic-meter reservoir in order to expand waterworks in Esfahan and Shahinshahr.

  • Cooperation with the housing foundation in Fars province in order to develop rural villages and to build roads, control streams, also prepare comparative plans.

  • Construction of industrial and structural salons for various uses such as factory, workshop, sports

  • Cooperation with the aid fund housing foundation of the army relating to armed troops 81 in Kermanshah in order to construct and prepare Pardis suburb, including:

    • Constructing major and minor roads, waterworks, sewerage, the electricity supply, national parks, and cooperation in separation and providing buildings in the suburb.

  • Cooperation in a variety of projects relating to constructing large numbers of residential, official and business buildings; in the fields of participation contracting, designing, conducting projects, and supervision of technical offices and workshops; in this respect the following projects are worth mentioning:

    • Construction of the 100-suite Sahar residential building, 63-suite Aftab building, 32-suite Faraz1, Faraz2, Bahar1 and a number of other residential projects such as 12-suite and villas in Sepahan Shahr suburb.

    • Construction of hospitals, schools and mosques in different cities and towns.

    • Construction of water reservoirs and pumping supplies.

  • Cooperation in civil projects with the government such as building a hostelry for the court of law and fulfilling different projects for the Esfahan refinery company.

  • Competed in two international military competitions in fields such as high-tech construction engineering in which we came eleventh and seventh place among 63 attending countries in Thailand.

  • Doing the whole computations and supervision concerning structural, mechanical and electrical installations in accordance with the latest advanced technology in construction science.

  • Erecting residential, commercial and office buildings all over the country; also building cooperative personal houses and residential complexes.

  • Doing interior and exterior design, decorating and implementation of lighting projects.

  • Experience in importing different high tech-building equipment.

  • The exclusive agency of the Italian company LiNFA in the Middle East and providing international services in the field of architecture and interior design.