Architectural company in Iran

Architectural Company in Iran

  • Designing architectural plans, residential buildings, offices, commercial centers, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls and etc
  • Designing architectural plans and facades as the phase one in architecture
  • Bionic architecture-based design and implementation of various spaces
  • Definition of all executive details as the phase two in architecture
  • Production of three-dimensional designs


Construction services in Iran

Construction Services

  • Performing different types of construction projects in the form of management contract or Partnership
  • Design, calculation and implementation of all types of steel and concrete structures
  • Design and implementation of mechanical & electrical installations
  • Making residential and commercial buildings smart
  • Renovation and retrofit of buildings


Interior & Exterior Design Services in Iran

Interior & Exterior Design Services

  • Interior and exterior design and professionals 3D designs
  • Plan and interior design based on bionic architecture
  • Lighting design by using natural and artificial light
  • Design and implementation of suspended and stretch ceilings
  • Decorating places based on feng shui


Facade Design Services in Iran

Facade Design Services

  • Design and implementation of hybrid or post-modern facades with a variety of materials such as stone, brick, wood, thermo wood, glass, composites and etc
  • Design and implementation of classical facades by using stone, cement and bricks
  • Specialized design of facade lighting by using natural and artificial light
  • Design and implementation of facades on the basis of bionic form


Landscape Services in Iran

Landscape Services

  • Design of green spaces, gardens and villas
  • Landscaping and Urban Elements design
  • Design of urban green spaces
  • Design of Roof Gardens
  • Fountains design


Shopping & Showcase Design Services in Iran

Shopping & Showcase Design Services

  • Designing commercial and business places and shopping centers
  • Design and implementation of exhibition spaces
  • Booth and exhibition stand design
  • Retail Store design


International Architectural Company in Iran

International Architectural Services

  • Through concluding a memorandum of understanding on cooperation with the Italian company LiNFA, aimed at exchanging state of the art know-how and modern technology in Architecture and Internal Decoration, we have taken a great step forward in providing international design-related services and implementing residential/business projects by taking advantage of the capabilities of prominent engineers from Iran and Italy based on the latest architectural methods at the international level.


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