Bionic architecture, the world’s most modern architecture



Bionic architecture is considered as one of the leading science in today’s world. Achieving the bionic and organic mindset is one of the main achievements of the twentieth century. Bionic is knowledge that explores the nature and inspires from various behaviors and communications within it. Given that today’s nature is the result of centuries of evolution, we can model this evolution process. Engineers can model the nature and integrate it with architecture and engineering techniques to meet the basic human needs of today and the future. The result of this integration defines bionic, which is a combination of the two terms biology and technology. In fact, bionic is knowledge that solves technical problems through biological ways. Architects in this field do design and create unmatched works, using high creativity, keen eyes, knowledge of the system and the nature structure and its appropriate use.

To use and imitate natural forms, bionic designers use two approaches.
In the first approach, the designer aims to mimic the external appearance of natural forms, in which case buildings are a reflection of beauty in nature and the surroundings.
In the second approach, with a new look at the structure, thinking to internal and external relations and structures in nature, the proportions of components and bodies, and motor patterns, the designer creates new designs and applied works. It is better to say that communication governing the creation and its geometry are simulated and implemented.
Knowledge of bionic architecture makes a change in the attitude to architecture. According to the pioneers in this field, the strength and focus of this architecture is in the proper use of things in nature that will lead to more sustainability of buildings and diversity and peace in the life environment. To enliven a building is one of the main tendencies of bionic architecture, and the best feature of a building is the ability to inspire its viability.

What makes bionic architects the leaders of contemporary architects is the “spirit of life” flowing in their plans and designs.


In Iranian traditional architecture, the respect for nature and proper use of nature are the reasons for durability of buildings, which has been forgotten over time. Fortunately, in recent years, research and academic activities have begun in this area and now, with the acquisition and exploitation of this knowledge, Iranian architecture will once again reconcile with nature and will flow strength, efficiency, beauty, and vitality in our architecture. We must take a major step forward in the construction and development of our beloved Iran and this will be achieved only by understanding and applying the latest architecture science.


In this regard, Farin Andisheh Mandegar Company is proud to operate and provide services in the field of structural design and architectural design based on bionic form to those interested in benefiting from this new architecture in Iran, based on the day’s knowledge and communication and collaboration with reputable professors and foreign universities active in bionic architecture.